Broken by strangers

Thursday, July 13, 2006 13:02 - GNOME

I only slept two nights in Brussels before getting back on the road, passing in Nancy for the Libre Software Meeting - Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, just passing, giving a talk about and build brigade plans, meeting some people, having dinner with everybody and going back as fast as I arrived, going to the west, in Saint-Nolff, Bretagne, France, a small village where friends gathered for discussions and good time, really good time there, and then two days working in Paris.

And now I am back home and took a look at JhAutobuild status. Three changes from last days:

  • DBUS, changing a function name and breaking everything till update,
  • Avahi, broken by DBUS and still not fixed,
  • HAL, gaining a hard dependency on volume_id which is only available in a subdirectory of udev GIT repository.

What is common between those is they are way down the stack, causing a lot of modules to be ignored, and are out of GNOME realm. This is not critical, the projects are often responsive and things get fixed but perhaps we also need changes to jhbuild, so that CVS (and Subversion from tomorrow) is tracked for GNOME modules while stable releases are used for other projects.

This may simply be a gnome-2.16-not-on-a-monkey-bridge moduleset, I'll think more about it, comments are welcome.

[looks like I should avoid updating the 'updated' element in my feed if I don't want the entry to get back on top, happened yesterday, sorry]

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