Post-GUADEC Introduction

Tuesday, July 4, 2006 23:37 - GNOME

First post in English, this also serves as a software test, I'll see how it goes, I may install something else for those technical entries, whose sole purpose is to get published on Planets.

Anyway, we had a BOF in GUADEC about "continuous integration" and I didn't expect to get on stage presenting JhAutobuild (nor to meet so many people already knowing about it (I was actually surprised when I looked at how many contributors were on the site)).

Tinderbox was also presented and I was quite impressed by some of its features (<wink> coverage report </wink>), great job by Igalia on this. Then Thomas from Fluendo and GStreamer fame demonstrated how they use Buildbot for GStreamer.

Buildbot (and Tinderbox for that matters) offers a different model than JhAutobuild, it pushes jobs (update, make, make clean...) to listening build slaves, this makes a more controlled environment which may be useful to convince module maintainers this is serious business and not just random people running jhbuild at home.

This is the social part of the job and Luis Villa insisted on this part, we really need to get maintainers buying into this. Afterwards we met again in the museum to draft plans, we got a terrific name, the Build Brigade and wrote down a page on GNOME wiki.

Current plan is to go with Buildbot, writing a new web frontend to integrate the nice parts of JhAutobuild. To this effect I started looking at Twisted and Nevow and at the same time there is a "it really lacks documentation" thread in the mailing list. I'll wait for it to settle before really starting to code (for example I learned that formless which I just discovered was not a component to use, formal being the way to go).

Here it is for the first post; thanks to everyone for GUADEC. (mandatory football note: Italy just won while I was writing this, too bad).

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Thank you for your nice comments about our job with Tinderbox Frederic! Just only a tiny correction: The link to Igalia is (we don't have

cheers!, javivázquez

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